Hi and welcome to Amanda Jessie Studios.

My name is Amanda Coates and I am one half of Amanda Jessie Studios, with the other part being my constant companion, my dog Jessie (more of a silent partner really). I love art and creativity, Jessie loves eating and swimming, and we both love long walks and dog training club. My aim is to create a space where people are inspired to create.  I have been an acrylic painter and a self-taught artists (in my spare time) for more than fifteen years.  

Three years ago I started to use mixed-media art journaling as part of my self-care, self-discovery and self-expression practice.  Actually I didn’t have any self-care practices until then, I was completely unaware of the need for self-care.  Which led me down a slippery slope to illness.  Two years ago I added written journaling into my wellbeing bag, particularly working on my goals and intentions. I would like to share some of the processes and techniques I have learnt along the way as I feel it may be useful for others.  

My mission is to support, inspire and help you to be creative, artistic and mindful to improve self-care, self-discovery and self-expression practices via art and written journaling. I strongly believe anyone can be creative or artistic.   I aim to authentically share with you my creative lifestyle, so I hope you enjoy this journey with me. Please sign up for my regular blog posts.

Kindness Amanda and Jessie or Amanda ‘Jessie’ Coates.